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simply started as a thought:

WE all come in different HUES -

from the warmth of brown to the freshness of white.

Which then, naturally had me thinking about CHOCOLATE! 

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Author, Erika Baty is on a mission to inspire, uplift, and unite the

world one bite at a time in her debut picture book, CHOCOLATES.

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are an assortment of wonderful bite-size pieces from white
to extra dark and everything in between!

Together, we make up this beautifully delicious, complex, and sometimes bittersweet world we live in.
CHOCOLATES is a picture book full of little reminders
that we are ALL THAT and a book of chocolates. 

Let's find more reasons to love, appreciate, and admire one another. After all, we are just as sweet OUTSIDE as we are within!


From bean to bar to BOOK, find out how,

with you, the plot sweetens...