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CHOCOLATE is a luxury but, food is a necessity.  

Many of US have the privilege to enjoy the rich decadence of chocolate. And while WE get to indulge in such a luxurious treat, there are still so many children and families suffering from food insecurity.  


With YOU, we are able to donate a portion of each purchase to helping feed those in need. 

In fact, for each book (and every wholesale order) purchased a DOZEN meals are donated!




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Giving meals is something delicious WE can get behind

because it hits the sweetest spot!

-   We've donated 7,320 meals so far!   -


primary school-aged children attend classes hungry every day.

TOGETHER, we provide meals

and feed bellies by donating a portion of the sales for each book sold to organizations we feel are doing a


Packing Boxes
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We are a member of the Feeding America Hunger Council.


The USA has more than enough food to feed EVERYONE but

so much food is wasted. Every. Single. Year. 


Here we will share monthly how WE take care of home by combating hunger through this non-profit organization. 

-  To date, we've donated 3,660 meals to Feeding America.  -

" I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. "

Mother Teresa


-  In one day we bagged 1,120 backpacks

with 3,360 pounds of food for kids in need to take home from school. The bags are discreetly put in backpacks so kids don't feel singled out in front of their classmates. Being considerate is sweet!  -

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This year alone, as many as 13 million kids -

or 1 in 6 kids could face hunger. 


By donating monthly to this organization, we are both acknowledging and sending a message that each and every one of us can do more with a little then a lot with none.  Nibble on that.

-  To date, we've donated 3,660 meals to No Kid Hungry.  -

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